How Picket Fences Improve Landscape Design 

When you think of picket fences, what are the first things that come to your mind? You will most likely think of a nice and quiet home in a suburban setting, with the small family living there having cute little children and perhaps even a dog. These fences around your property can definitely boost your landscape design.  

Landscape Design 

These decorative fences set the domestic boundaries of a residential property. They consist of evenly spaced vertical boards that are attached to horizontal rails. They’re usually painted white and are widely popular in the 1980s, mostly among middle-class American homes set in the quiet suburbs. But did you know that picket fences aren’t used in homes before? Prior to 1980s, these fences were used to line cricket fields instead.  

Picket fences are very popular during the American colonial era and they still are in different parts of the country today. Families prefer installing these types of fences because they can effectively contain pets and small children, without blocking the view of the road. If you look at popular landscaping magazines, posh homes in the rural areas still have them, and they definitely look lovely.  

Although there still are many picket fences that are made of wood, they failed to elude evolution as well. Vinyl versions of this type of fence became widely available, and many homeowners started choosing them over wood fences in favor of faster installation and minimal maintenance.  

Beautifully Designed Picket Fences 

Without a doubt, picket fences are beautiful additions to any home. But aside from aesthetics, the pointed tops of these fences have a rich history that dates back to the days of American infantry and cavalry. Today, it still carries the same symbolism. It signifies the simple, peaceful, and idyllic life of the middle-class Americans.  

Picket fences are easily installed and inserted into the ground. While the original wood version of these fences requires a power auger to install the posts, the vinyl types are much lighter. Digging holes manually and setting concrete to keep the posts upright is a task that can be handled by any home improvement contractor or handyman.  

Better Landscape Design for your Home  

Picket fences must have been a part of the American dream life, albeit subconsciously. While a good portion of today’s generation would rather live in high rise condominiums at the heart of the city, many will still prefer living a slow and lazy suburban home setting. Homes situated far away from the city seem incomplete without these white pointed fences that are beautifully lining the property.  

If you want one for your home, contact landscaping companies to help you out. These fences can add a substantial value to your property in ways you didn’t imagine. The image of homes with picket fences can still make a couple’s heart melt. So if you’re looking to sell your home and you want to make it look as pretty as possible, go for picket fences. Hire a contractor that would build them for you at a fairly reasonable rate. And you’ll fall in love with your own home all over again.  

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